In the Beginning

A cantata for Christmas

words and music by Chris Reynolds 2020

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The Lyrics continued

( Isaiah. 9:6 )

For unto us a child is born,
And unto us a son is giv'n,
And of his reign of peace there will be no end .....

( Isaiah. 7:14 )

A virgin shall be with child
She shall bring forth a son,
He shall be called :

'Emmanuel!' ......... God with us!

( John. I:1 et 14)

In the beginning was the Word .....

And the Word was with God

And the Word took on our flesh for a while,

and we beheld his glory!



( Matthew 2:1 )

The coldest desert skies were sugared with the spray of diamond stars that frost the night.

A journey thought unwise,and yet a single star ablaze, assured us that our reckoning was right.

Our journey through the years, had led us to this time, and had led us to this moment now

Had led us to this town, this stable bare, this babe asleep upon his mother's breast

The coldest desert skies are filled with angel choirs, the music of stars, songs full of hope,

songs of beginning, songs of peace on Earth.

And at our journey's end we found ourselves where we had always been,

but knew us now as Heaven-blessed.


There is an electronic, 'sampled' version available to listen to, but not a full recording as yet, but it gives an idea of the piece. The lyrics are included in full

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