silent n r carol



1:40 ish

A local community hold a service
in their barn early on
Christmas Morning,
This Carol was inspired by them.

about 2:10

This carol is based around Isaiah 9:v2. and 40:v6..
Isaiah dreams of the incarnation....
with accompaniment,
keyboard or harp

about 1:45

A virgin shall be with child, she shall bring forth a son,
he shall be called Emmanuel
'God with us'

about 2:00

A chorally extended version of "Lullaby"
from Aldhems's Bridge
maybe, just maybe.
Sung by Matthew Curtis of Choral Tracks

about 2:30

perhaps the most fundamental question...
(with apologies to John Betchman)


2:10 or thereabouts
Trees, from the crib to the cross,
play a big part in the creation stories
This song, places them at the centre.
Sung by Bath Camerata
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