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Three Trees

The Lyrics of the first three movements

Out of Eden ...

Come now and listen while I tell the tale of Eden's early dawn, about the garden fair, about the freshly sunlit dew of early morn
Come now and listen, I will tell a diff'rent story,
the garden but how it came to be, that there were lost to us .Two great trees ...
The one of life, the one the tree of knowing,
That should have wefted and woven their branches, woven like withy tight, and plaited green by innocent hands - all into a home for us all

Two trees, the wisdom trees ,
Two trees their tapestry torn
each truth suborned,
and set to scorn their maker ,creator, and Mother
So Eden Faded, and was lost to us
.... The Judas Tree
And so we stumbled on our way ,through flood and fire,
through wire and mud ,through shrinking of the soul,
the fading hope that brings a chill into the blood
The earth and all its broken life cried out for quarter, for pardon,
for all had come to see, there was a price for us, a heavy cost for us,

The Judas tree


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The Forester ....
Teak and willow, Oak and ebony, like charcoal candle embers glow, Like prayers against a choking sky,
from fires that spit an ashen snow
Forester who tended Eden, finds frankincense on distant air .. Grieves now the costly rain that's needed The Carpenter must break them there
Carpenter, who from old Adam read the grain of graveyard yew Shaped to clasp the hands that knew it,bleeding in due season too
And so, they stride, across the ages: Forester who understood,
He must to save his burning children, bind the Carpenter to wood
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