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Three Trees


The Recording & The Rehearsal Tracks

the individual movements


Listen to the full recording on sound cloud


Would you like to perform Three Trees with your choir?

Scores and rehearsal tracks are now available



Full version,

(Choir, string quintet, piano, solo cello and clarinet )



Reduced accompaniment version

( Choir, piano, cello, clarinet.)


Full Conductor's Score

Vocal score

instrumental scores

Transcribed Conductor's Score

Vocal score

instrumental scores


for more information about downloading scores ( pdfs,) and 'live' Sibelius scores, including pricing,


Rehearsal tracks:

Identify which part you are singing, ( to the right )
then click on the link.
This will take you to the track with your voice part,
( highlighted by a piano) against the full arrangement.

Each track contains either the solo part, with the 1st voice and Tutti ......


TT Solo Sop, 1st Sop & tutti.

TT Solo alto, 1st Alto & tutti.

TT Solo Tenor, 1st Tenor &tutti.

TT Solo Bass, 1st bass & tutti.

...... or the 2nd voice and Tutti

TT 2nd Sop & tutti.

TT 2nd Alto & tutti.

TT 2nd Tenor & tutti.

TT 2nd Bass & tutti.

to help find your place in the sound files:
Mov. 1' Bar 19. Come now and listen....'
Mov. 2 bar 103. 'And so we stumbled ....'
Mov. 3 Bar 126. 'Teak and willow..........'
Mov. 6 Bar 167. 'The Elder trees ............'
Mov.7 Bar 227. 'Everything turns ........'
Mov. 8 Bar 330. ' and so it seemed ........ '
Time Marks:
0.00 - 5.05
5.09 - 7.10
7.13 - 9.21
9.25 - 12.22
12.30 - 17.06
17.12 -21 - 56


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